Premium Vodka

Our vodka is Pure Spirit. This is a big and bold vodka that’s also fat and luscious—slippery even—an unapologetic expression of the distiller’s art.

The unctiousness on the palate gracefully reveals the heat and power that is the hallmark of this vodka. There’s a lot of character here too: a hint here and there of white pepper and cocoa, a bit of toffee as well. Here’s a vodka that will stand up to, yet still harmonize, with a myriad of mixers. Or simply set, like a jewel, in a bed of ice and a twist.



This is a Hale Fellow Well Met kind of spirit. Immediately familiar, yet intriguing. This is like a cousin you haven’t seen in years and then bump into on a train or an airport lounge. It’s chock full of juniper that immediately identifies this as Gin but it’s also full of citrus and coriander that has you going back for more. Perfectly at home in a Gin and Tonic, our gin is also versatile and definitely plays well with others.


Our Bourbon is truly an Ardent Spirit! On the nose it’s all about smoke and wood. It’s that smoldering campfire, on the verge of going out, that’s simply perfect for roasting marshmallows. On the palate, however, it’s all about the heat. It’s youth and vigor come through in an almost brandy-like way. Here is a bourbon cut from a 19th century template, when young and robust whiskeys warmed the breasts of the folks who settled and tamed a continent.



There’s definitely a Wry Spirit lurking in this bottle! Here’s a whiskey that speaks from the heart, and at the heart of it is the unmistakeable grassiness of Rye. Our Rye takes you back to when summers were endless and laying in a field staring at the stars was how a perfect day ended. But it also speaks to the boldness and derring-do that made you write your initials, intertwined with hers, on the side of the YMCA.